Privately-held company advancing diagnostic tools for diseases with large unmet clinical needs. Headquarters in Missoula, MT.

Novel Diagnostic Test Development

Biomarkers, which are quantifiable indicators of disease states, are critical for informing how to manage disease. There is a current need for the development of the next generation of biomarkers, which are non-invasive, rapid, and accurate. In addition to having diagnostic utility, there is also a need for predictive and prognostic biomarkers to predict disease states before they develop and to monitor treatment and outcomes during disease transitions.

FYR Diagnostics is developing a powerful portfolio of biomarker detection technologies with a focus on nucleic acid amplification. Our mission is to commercialize and implement these novel technologies to enable the accelerated prediction, diagnosis, and management of human and agricultural diseases. We are currently using novel detection technologies to develop next generation biomarkers for applications in human health such as cancers, neurodegenerative conditions, and pathogenic diseases. We are also applying these technologies to develop biomarkers for crop and livestock diseases in agriculture.

COVID-19 Clinical Lab

FYR Diagnostics is an accredited CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) licensed laboratory specializing in high-complexity diagnostic testing for COVID-19. Our current testing methodology utilizes RT-PCR technology approved for Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA coupled with an advanced automation platform.

COVID-19 Information

FYR Diagnostics is proud to sponsor a website for information and education about the science behind COVID-19! This resource is meant for everyone, from healthcare providers interested in learning more about SARS-CoV-2 virus biology, to citizens interested in arming themselves with information to better protect their loved ones from COVID-19. Special thanks to FYR team member Johnathan Kaiser for all his hard work building this wonderful resource!

Read More: fyrcovidresource.info 

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