We believe in
being a catalyst to transform healthcare.

We transform healthcare by developing solutions that utilize novel insights on disease to innovate the next generation of liquid biopsies. We bridge the gaps between healthcare, patients, and disease.

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Innovating Diagnostics and Unraveling Disease

We’re not here to do what’s been done before. We believe healthcare can be improved, and that next-generation diagnostics can help unravel the complexity of disease. We’re developing the next generation of liquid biopsy solutions to meet currently unmet diagnostic needs by harnessing the innovative properties of Extracellular Vesicles and other revolutionary biomarkers.

Our Capabilities

Unlocking the Potential of EVs

From bench to bedside, the diagnostics revolution starts with accuracy and efficacy. Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) reflect the molecular status of cells and hold key information about human health and disease. Discover how we’re empowering EV research and driving the development and deployment of EV-based tools and diagnostic assays.

Our Technology

Next Gen Tools for Next Gen Solutions

We believe the best technologies and workflows can produce the best results. That’s why we offer complete high-quality sample-to-analysis sequencing solutions. Our facilities include a custom-built CLIA-certified laboratory, and we are dedicated to reliably, accurately, and economically facilitating your next generation sequencing needs. Our facilities support next-generation sequencing services, diagnostic test development and deployment, advanced bioinformatics, and clinical studies.

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