FYR Diagnostics

Privately-held company advancing diagnostic tools for diseases with large unmet clinical needs. Headquarters in Missoula, MT.

Our team brings together unique skill sets to tackle some of the world’s most devastating and burdensome diseases in both human healthcare and agriculture.

Our development pipeline includes various diagnostic technologies and supporting devices. Our ability to quickly adapt and utilize novel technologies allows us to develop solutions for widely unmet diagnostic needs that offer a true competitive advantage.

While we choose and pursue disorders in humans that have widely ineffective treatments and diagnostics, we are also applying our novel technologies to various applications in the agricultural industry.


FYR receives funding from top tier venture firm Two Bear Capital – March 2020
State of Montana awards FYR Diagnostics a state matching grant – January 2020
FYR Diagnostics receives grant from the National Institutes of Health to advance epilepsy diagnostic test – October 2019
FYR receives undisclosed sum of funding from private venture philanthropist – January 2019
FYR signs collaboration agreement with Montana State University – August 2018
MSU’s biomarker-detecting technology licensed to FYR Diagnostics – July 2018
FYR Diagnostics Joins Forces With Science Exchange to Offer RNA Screening and Biomarker Services – April 2018

Partners and Collaborators




Chris Booth, PhD
CEO and Director of R&D
Sarjubhai Patel, PhD
Braxton Norwood, PhD
David Booth


Mike Goguen
Two Bear Capital
Avery Sonnenberg, PhD
Two Bear Capital
J. Seth Strattan, PhD
Two Bear Capital
Rich Schabowsky, PhD, Esq.
Registered Patent Attorney
Nicole Nan, Esq.
Patent Litigation
Joseph Belza, Esq
Business Advisor
Brandon Johnson, Esq.
Business Advisor
Thomas Rau, PhD
Scientific Advisor

1121 East Broadway Street

MonTEC, Suite 155

Missoula, MT 59802