December 2021 – KPAX News – Missoula County Reports First Omicron Case – FYR sequences first Omicron case in Missoula County, Montana
December 2021 – Omicron (B.1.1.529) Update – December 17, 2021
December 2021 – FYR Appears in Newsy – Scientists Racing To Learn New Details About Omicron Variant
December 2021 – FYR’s Omicron Update 
December 2021 – FYR appears in Daily Montanan – Montana ramps up sequencing efforts to monitor for new omicron variant
November 2021 – FYR appears in NBC Montana – Montana testing labs prepare for omicron variant
October 2021 – FYR SARS-CoV-2 Multiplex RT-PCR Test Launched
August 2021 – SARS-CoV-2 Variant Sequencing for the state of Montana initiated
June 2021 – Next Generation Sequencing infrastructure added
May 2021 – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) inspection passed
April 2021 – Completed new research lab build-out
April 2021FYR Diagnostics Initiates COVID-19 Variant Tracking in Montana
March 2021Psychē Systems Partners with FYR to Develop Revolutionary API for LIS Integrations

December 2020 FYR Diagnostics Partners with The State of Montana to Expand COVID-19 Testing
December 2020 – FYR Diagnostics releases, a resource meant for everyone, from healthcare providers interested in learning more about SARS-CoV-2 virus biology, to citizens interested in arming themselves with information to better protect their loved ones from COVID-19.
October 2020FYR Diagnostics Announces New Large-Scale COVID-19 Test Processing Capability for Montana
September 2020 – FYR expands footprint and acquires 1,500+ sqft of space in Missoula, MT. Initiates plans for building an additional research lab.
September 2020 – FYR Diagnostics serves as a COVID-19 reference lab and supports Montana organizations in need of COVID-19 testing
August 2020 – FYR obtains CLIA certification for clinical operations
August 2020 – FYR expands primary lab in Missoula, MT
March 2020 – FYR receives funding from top tier venture firm Two Bear Capital
January 2020 – State of Montana awards FYR Diagnostics a state matching grant

November 2019 – FYR Diagnostics expands diagnostics portfolio to the agricultural industry
October 2019 – FYR Diagnostics receives grant from the National Institutes of Health to advance epilepsy diagnostic test
January 2019 – FYR receives undisclosed sum of funding from private venture philanthropist

August 2018 – FYR signs collaboration agreement with Montana State University
July 2018 – MSU’s biomarker-detecting technology licensed to FYR Diagnostics
April 2018 – FYR Diagnostics Joins Forces With Science Exchange to Offer RNA Screening and Biomarker Services

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