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We started from humble beginnings with researchers driven by an insatiable desire not just to discover, but to understand. Together with an in-suppressible grit, out-of-the-box thinking, and an unstoppable determination to have a positive impact, they launched the FYR Diagnostics research lab in 2018 to do more and break down barriers. Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, our beginnings are foundational to what we’ve built today, as the catalyst to innovate diagnostics and transform healthcare.

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A Force For Good

At our inception, driven by a desire to do good, we researched disorders with unmet clinical needs. We were motivated to advance the utility of new types of biomarkers in diagnostics through the innovation of novel tools and technologies. In 2020, with the pandemic upon us, we evolved, adapted, applied our in-suppressible grit and custom-built a CLIA-certified lab. We provided high-throughput COVID-19 testing and variant sequencing for areas of the country with limited access to testing and rapid turnaround times. Today we continue our ongoing commitment to being a force for good by using our facilities to innovate, develop, and deploy the next generation of liquid biopsy diagnostics. We have the potential to help healthcare providers provide more efficient and accurate results to patients, help advance clinical trials, and help researchers better understand the underlying causes of disease.

Bridging The Gaps

We believe in bridging the gaps between patients, healthcare, and disease through novel high-quality molecular diagnostic solutions. We advance diagnostic tools for diseases with large unmet clinical needs through novel biomarker discovery, assay development, high-throughput molecular testing, and innovative analytics. Our liquid biopsy diagnostic solutions utilize innovative classes of biomarkers for an array of diseases. Want to learn more about how we are harnessing the next generation of liquid biopsy biomarkers for unmet diseases in human health?

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