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Clinical Services & Novel Diagnostic Test Development

FYR Diagnostics harnesses the disease-relevant cargo of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) to develop the next generation of liquid biopsy biomarkers for critical disease areas in human health that have unmet diagnostic needs. What are EVs? EVs are membrane enclosed nanoparticles that contain molecular cargo (e.g., RNA, protein) released by cells, tissues, and organs in the body. EV-biomarkers can be non-invasively accessed through liquid biopsies (e.g. blood draw, urine sample) and contain relevant molecular information that not only highly correlates with disease status but also with relevant clinical outcomes. 

FYR is focused on several operational areas to help develop and transition these diagnostics from the bench to the bedside. These include novel biomarker discovery, assay development, high-throughput molecular testing, and innovative analytics. Additionally, FYR offers clinical services through its CLIA lab and assay development pipeline to facilitate clinical studies, clinical trials, data generation and analysis, and diagnostic test development and deployment.  

Clinical Lab & COVID-19 Testing

FYR Diagnostics operates an accredited CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) licensed laboratory specializing in high-complexity diagnostic testing with streamlined workflows and end to end automation for optimized efficiency.
FYR Diagnostics currently operates part of its clinical lab as a reference lab to process COVID-19 PCR tests for various organizations. FYR's current testing methodology utilizes RT-PCR technology approved for Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA coupled with an advanced automation platform. FYR recommends that individuals seek out COVID-19 testing information from their own health care providers. You may also choose to contact one of FYR’s healthcare provider partners for additional information related to COVID-19 testing.
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